Random Thoughts

Yes, I’m still here.

Waiting till I have something to say I guess.

And now just these:

This world is not a meritocracy. It sucks, but it’s true. Discuss.

There might be something to be said about an unforeseen problem brought on by showing your children unconditional love, as in no one feels compelled to clean the house before your return after a long absence. Creating the psychological need to “earn” love might be underrated after all.

One can definitely gauge one’s fed-up-ness with the world, that is, the state of politics and the American citizenry’s unwillingnessifnotinability to actually Face the Truth, by one’s propensity to take “Cook’s Illustrated” to bed rather than the New Yorker.





1 Response to “Random Thoughts”

  1. August 9, 2016 at 11:09 pm

    Welcome back!!! I’d love to hear about your experiences down south.

    Not a meritocracy? Haha. It’s almost the opposite – those with the greatest merit are rewarded and recognised least. The world seems to most admire people who tell us they’re the best, regardless of their actual performance…the best salesperson seems to be one who presents the simplest ‘solution’, even though only a moment’s thought would reveal a vast number of problems with that solution.

    And I never expect my cohabiters to clean the house. This is another ‘universal’ principle of human behaviour. If you do something for someone once, they expect it to happen over & over again. One less issue for them to deal with. It’s another aspect to people’s desire for the simplest solution.

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