Queer Talk: “Exodus International” Closes, With a “Sorry”

Queer Talk: “Exodus International” Closes, With a “Sorry”.

Interesting. Very, very interesting.

I’d like to go into a little rant about how nice, or should I say, “nice,” it is that people suddenly find support for equal rights for homosexuals when they find out that their son is gay, or their daughter is gay, or that ohmygodIactuallyknewthisthewholetimebutdidn’tdaretoadmititbecauseIwasafraidofhowtheworldmighttreatme he himself (never a she, why never a she?) is gay (never mind that he himself has been vilifying and tormenting and discriminating against and blah blah blah gays himself for years and years and years).

And “loving father” over “scolding big brother”? Seems kind of family specific, doesn’t it?

And I know it’s always good to apologize when you realize that you’re in the wrong, but sometimes an apology just isn’t enough. Is he going to spend the rest of his life trying to undo the damage his organization, and other organizations like his that continue to operate, has done?

I doubt it. But maybe. I guess time will tell.

Anyway. Read it, think about it, comment on it, print it up and burn it. Whatever floats your boat (as my mom used to say).

1 Response to “Queer Talk: “Exodus International” Closes, With a “Sorry””

  1. June 24, 2013 at 2:18 am

    I know what you mean. “Sorry” seems inadequate. But at least he said it. At least he realized he was wrong and they closed the place down. Now for all the others who are pursuing this line of reasoning — if they could also have an awakening and let go of the “curing homosexuality” idea, that would be nice.

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