oh, *that* conflict of interest

Romney’s latest: Democrats should stop taking money from the teacher’s unions, as it presents an inexcusable conflict of interest.

Unlike all those donations from corporations. Guess that’s ‘cuz corporations are people too; but teachers, apparently, are not?

This, also from the article linked to above, is pretty precious as well: “I know something about polls and I know you can ask questions to get any answer you want.”

Like the ones you quote when you say you’re in the lead?

Just keep talkin’ Mitt. Just keep talkin’.


1 Response to “oh, *that* conflict of interest”

  1. 1 guardo
    September 27, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    One of the more entertaining comments following the article referenced above . . .

    “He’s more than “well done”—he’s a dead man walking! When all the results are in, I think there’s a better than even chance that he’ll lose by the kind of margin that Barry Goldwater did when he ran against Johnson in the 60’s. He’ll be in high school and college Poli Sci textbooks for decades, as an example of what not to do. Think about who’s not going to vote for him: animal lovers, blacks, Hispanics, union members, anyone ever laid off or demoted after a change in corporate ownership, thinking women, southern evangelicals (don’t think that Mormons are Christians). Who’s left?

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