what price disingenuousness?

I’m so tired of the lies.

The lies and the fact that they all get away with it. Even Fox News admits it — go figure.

And that they don’t even care, to the point where they are quoted as saying ingenious things like they don’t want their campaign to get bogged down in fact-checking.

I’m completely disheartened.

So much so that I spent the week unsubscribing from every political action group I get emails from because there are too many and it’s too hopeless and I don’t even read them any more.

I don’t know if I should send money to People for the American Way or save up to move to Canada.

And I don’t think anyone even listens to what’s actually said — I guess that’s why they all get away with it.

So Clint Eastwood cried years after Obama was elected and millions were out of work.

But what about the millions that were out of work before Obama was in office? Not so much?

And then we get this pearl of wisdom:

Never mind who helped get Motor City fighting again. Why bother with such a trivial detail when we can just say the part of the truth that serves us and omit the rest?




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