ah, Rush, you pompous ignorant windbag

Read this

and watch this:

Rachel Maddow Show on Rush Limbaugh

Rush appears in all his overweight ignorant glory around 7:40.

How can a 60-year old man in the 21st century be so woefully misinformed about the female body? And how can he twist the truth so dramatically and get away with it (and this isn’t by any means the first time)? The thing I don’t get is how we knew he was an idiot 20 years ago and his listeners and advertisers are just now figuring it out?

Or, as Rachel points out, it doesn’t matter. He’s saying what he says to provoke, to be famous, to get people to talk about him.

But he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, it’s quite clear he doesn’t have any women working for him (or maybe someone might have informed him of how the Pill actually works), and there are plenty of people listening to him who agree with his ignorant vitriolic bullshit.

Maybe, instead of talking about Rush, we should be talking about why 50% of the population is represented by 19% of our government, and how we (women) got this far in a country where we are still so little understood and so poorly represented. As Rachel points out near the end of the video clip, Romney doesn’t seem to understand how contraception works a whole lot better than Rush. And as she also pointed out, it’s bad enough to be a jerk, but it’s even worse, especially when you’re trying to generate national discourse on important societal topics, to be stupid.

7 Responses to “ah, Rush, you pompous ignorant windbag”

  1. 1 guardo
    March 5, 2012 at 11:36 am

    What I like best about the Maddow commentary is that she understands Limbaugh’s game. She’s not angry. What he says is offensive, of course, but she understands that he’s in the business of being offensive. That’s the point! Whether he actually believes what he’s saying is peripheral. His real convictions, that is, concern his bank account.

    Limbaugh is a conscious charlatan and fraud. He is a disingenuous huckster who bullies and preys upon credulous people. A spot on right-wing radio, or calling yourself “reverend,” are the surest paths to a successful career in the charlatan game in this country. Both furnish an enormous constituency of people who are disinclined to read or to think, and are only too eager to be supplied with simple explanations and solutions to their fears and frustrations. The solution, I think, is not to engage him in argument–as many noble souls try to do, only to discover that such attempts are entirely pointless–but to ignore him. There have always been, and will always be, Limbaughs. The indignant reactions of thinking people is what he’s after because it’s precisely those that stir the passions of his audience.

  2. 2 Miss Bessy
    March 5, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    ProFlowers said Sunday on its Facebook page that it has suspended advertising on Limbaugh’s program because his comments about Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke “went beyond political discourse to a personal attack and do not reflect our values as a company.”

    Per ProFlowers political discourse is ok, but personal attacks are just wrong. In other words, act like a middle school bully and you will get treated like one. Bullys don’t talk about what they feel is right and wrong, they just call people names.

    Something we can all agree with. Well maybe everyone but you.

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