what then?

there’s a picture you hung in
our bedroom the day I knew you would move in
a black and white drawing
called Lovers
and I always felt that it was us
lovers entwined, not clear
which parts of which body was whose
dark shadows and random letters
and people and shapes in the background
the world around us but us in it
not waving our arms to keep it away
but better because we are in it together

what will you do when you
turn around one day and find us
off our pedestal
feet dirty, asses sore from
when we hit the ground?
oh, that
okay then.

I think you want to live a life
without regret
and I don’t think you can
but that you should try only to
regret that which
you thought about and decided
there was just no other way

life’s a nuisance and a pain and
maybe you’re right and we
would be happier if we could just
live hiding under the bed

but we can’t
and we don’t
so what then?

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