am I the only one who thinks this is inappropriate?

Went with Husband yesterday while he got his hair cut (at Jude’s Barbershop: “where men get their hair cut”) before braving Target eight days before Christmas on a Saturday afternoon.

I took a Sunday NYTimes magazine to read during the shearing, but he got put in the chair right in front of me, so I spent some of the time making helpful suggestions, such as pointing out to the “barber” (an 18 year-old girl with spiky black hair and tight jeans*) where he had over-clipped his sideburns. (Her diagnosis: “It can’t be fixed.”)

[*Apparently you have to look like this to work there:

I say this because that’s how all of the women who worked there looked. Is there a Jude’s-“Barber”-cookie-cutter out there somewhere?]

Anyway, I actually spent most of the time watching the two early-adolescent boys in the corner waiting for their dad or brother or whoever gaping at the photos on the wall.

Here’s a sampling:

The differences being:

1.  There were a lot more naked or nearly-naked women in provocative poses at the store itself than Jude’s displays on their website, including a topless woman, facing away, with her jeans halfway down her behind (poster ~ 2.5′ x 5′); and a naked woman in a shower, her modesty protected by one hand and a sponge (poster ~ 3′ x 7′).  Maybe they at least have the sense to be just a wee bit ashamed so they try to play this element down in their publicity?

I think I might be giving them too much credit.

2.  On the wall in the store we were in, the woman in the upper right quadrant above, in the skimpy bathing suit and the (for the sake of delicacy) “Do Me” pose, was at my eye level right inside the door.

I was going to take a picture with my phone, but didn’t want to embarrass Husband.

While I was waiting, a father came in with his two young boys, one two years old, one around four.


As if there aren’t already enough men who grow up to over-sexualize and objectify women, let’s make sure it happens and start them young.

Two things I want to make clear: 1. I am not a prude, and 2. Jude’s can put whatever they want on their walls. But I would much prefer that the beauty of the female body be displayed artistically rather than pornographically, and maybe in balance with depictions of male bodies; and I certainly wouldn’t take my young sons there.

Maybe it’s just me.

1 Response to “am I the only one who thinks this is inappropriate?”

  1. 1 Jjill10
    October 6, 2013 at 11:52 pm

    Thank you! I thought I was the only one!!!

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