a day of silence?

Have spent a lovely day at home reading, knitting, watching the Red Wings barely beat the Bruins in a shoot-out, teaching Dexter to play fetch (he’s a natural), and meeting the neighbors.

Oh, and checking facebook repeatedly to see if anything’s “going on” and reading some of my favorite bloggers.

In a discussion on Roger Ebert’s blog regarding Twitter, a commenter quoted Montaigne:

I would like to suggest that our minds are swamped by too much studying of too much matter just as plants are swamped by too much water or lamps by too much oil; that our minds, held fast and encumbered by so many diverse preoccupations, may well lose the means of struggling free, remaining bowed and bent under the load; except that it is quite otherwise: the more our souls are filled, the more they expand; examples drawn from far-off times show, on the contrary, that great soldiers and statesmen were also great scholars.

I’ve thought, on occasion, of taking one day a week off of everything electronic — email, facebook, blogs (mine and the ones I read), etc.

I think I’ll try it tomorrow.

See you Sunday!



1 Response to “a day of silence?”

  1. 1 treacle
    December 8, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    The Boyf and I have a pact not to use facebook, twitter, email or blogs on Sundays. We can use the internet but only to download a film or programme we’d like to watch together. It’s been brilliant since we have been doing this although of late, we’ve both been breaking the rules a bit.

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