monday blues, and tuesday

Yesterday was a very demoralizing day. Spent a lot of time teaching classes of students who seem to be either catatonic or apathetic (how does one tell the difference, one might ask?). There are a few scattered among these who seem to care, which makes trying to get through to the rest even more difficult — I don’t want to lecture the class, I don’t want to make those who are invested squirm in their seats, but I just want to shake most of them.

Came home and taught piano lessons to children of all ages — four hours that flew by compared to the two hours of class that dragged. It seems most of my professional aspirations were to teach at the college level, but, ironically, most of the students in college can’t be taught at that level after all.

And no internet at home, going on two days, after weeks of intermittent and frustrating outages. So I can’t post midterm review documents on blackboard, I can only check my email through my iPhone (although my new ZAGG/mate keyboard makes this much easier to type, it’s still not that easy to read more than a few sentences on its tiny little screen), and I can’t write on my blog unless I sit in my office at school, so here I am.

Some great articles in the Sunday NY Times I’d like to recommend.

Wall Street Protestors and who should be listening

What the world lost when Steve Jobs died, and whether we can ever find it again
(I fear not.)

And yet another example of how the world of working women still hasn’t really changed, and what we all should do about it

1 Response to “monday blues, and tuesday”

  1. 1 guardo
    October 13, 2011 at 11:53 am

    A terrific essay by Friedman.

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