Beef, Potato, and Leek Soup

Dice half a large onion and sauté in a little bit of olive oil until softened. Add 2 bay leaves, 2 large beef soup bones, and 6 c. of water. Bring to a boil, cover, and simmer for hours and hours. (I took an hour-long nap, graded a set of papers, put homework and quiz grades on Blackboard, made brownies, read the Sunday NY Times, and wrote the previous post.)(It’s been a good day.)

Cut the dark green part off of 3 large leeks and discard. Cut the rest of the leek in half or quarters lengthwise (depending on its circumference), and then slice. Put into a colander and rinse really well, getting all of the dirt. (Don’t underestimate this part of the job. I have never seen as much dirt in, on, or around a vegetable, as I do in between every onion-like layer of a leek.)

Peel, slice, and mash 3-5 cloves of garlic.

Dice 3 large white or red potatoes.

Sauté the garlic and leeks in olive oil until soft. Remove the soup bones from the stock, and add the garlic/leeks and potatoes, cooking until potatoes are completely softened.

Blend the soup in batches in a blender, then return to the soup pot; or, if you prefer a heartier soup, cut the potatoes a little smaller when you dice them, don’t cook quite as long, and skip to the next step without blending. Just as good!

Add several handfuls of coarsely chopped baby spinach (optional), and salt and pepper generously. Heat until the spinach wilts.

Serve with a nice Sauvignon Blanc or an unoaked Chardonnay.


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