Yes, that sign applies to you, too

It says “No Parking.”

You’ve left your vehicle.

That’s parking.

I don’t care how expensive your car or your clothes were, how much of a hurry you’re in, or how important you are, or that your husband is still sitting in the passenger seat. We all need to drive there, and your car is in the MIDDLE of the road. Maybe you’re too rich, or busy, or privileged to notice, but there are three cars behind you that can’t exit now, and you didn’t even bother to pull over to the SIDE of the driveway so people could get around you without hitting the parked, Parked, cars on the other side.

If you’re smart enough to drive. . . well, never mind. If that rule applied there’d be less than half the traffic there is now. Maybe you’re not.


I’ll look at this as a good opportunity for me to practice my new don’t-stress-out-at-stupid-people-on-the-road policy.

Thank you?



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