Wish I Had a River. . .

How much money would you have to make not to worry about money anymore?

How emotionally healthy would you have to be to actually be qualified to bear and raise children?

What country could you live in where hard work, discipline and industriousness were rewarded, but the disadvantaged were nurtured and encouraged?

Where is there a society where no one needs to take drugs to escape reality, or where all recognize the innate worth of everyone else?

Our children are going to graduate from colleges their parents can barely afford with more than tens of thousands of dollars in debt into the worst economy since the 1930s, the government can’t pay its bills and the wealthy won’t pay their share, the Fukushima power plant is no closer to stability than it was months ago, who knows what kind of damage the Deepwater Horizon oil well explosion and spill has done to the Gulf, stupid people still drive ginormous cars that get 9 miles to the gallon, states are under water both literally and figuratively while others deal with drought and children in Africa are starving and going blind from vitamin A deficiencies, Al Qaeda revamps its image by changing its name and North Korea starves its own people and Greece is going broke and America sells its elections and its court to the highest-bidding corporations and I eat too many potato chips and look in the mirror and see old and think that actually qualifies as a problem.

But you’ll be happy to know that the pay for the top American executives is again on the rise — up 23% from 2009!!! and that the Libyan rebels are inching toward Tripoli.

I can’t even just decide to go to bed and get up tomorrow and face another day because it’s all just going to be the same thing. Just the same.


08 River

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