eating italian: pizza

Thanks to alisonamazed for her suggestion for a finer grain flour. This is how I made pizza last night after “fine-grinding” my own.

Put a pizza stone in the oven, and put the oven on 450˚ (if it’s a convection) or 475˚ (if it’s not).

Put 1 c. of whole wheat and 1 c. of unbleached white flour into a food processor with the dough blade. Let the flour whir for 2 minutes (or more), to “sift” it into a finer grain.  Keeping the blade whirring, add 1/2 tsp. yeast and 1/2 tsp. salt. After ~ 30 seconds, add 1/2 tsp. honey and 1/4 c. olive oil, then 6.25 ozs. of warm (100˚ -105˚) water. Allow to process until it forms a ball and rolls around in the bowl a few times. Let rest, covered with plastic, on a  flour-coated cutting board.

Meanwhile, slice an onion into THIN THIN THIN, no, even thinner, slices, and sauté over medium heat in a cast iron skillet until soft and starting to brown. As they cook, you may need to reduce the heat as you go, because you want them to caramelize, not crisp.

Chop a handful of kalamata olives and 1/4 c. of sundried tomatoes (best if they’re the stored-in-olive-oil, no-sulfites-added kind; we dry our own), mix 2 T. of pesto with 1/3 c. of goat cheese, slice authentic Italian salame VERY thinly (as thinly as the onions), and don’t forget to keep stirring the onions.

Roll 1/2 of the pizza dough out on a piece of parchment paper under a piece of saran wrap. (Put the other half in a bowl to use later; it will keep for at least a week.) If you want to put the pizza directly onto the stone, lift the rolled-out dough and sprinkle the parchment with cornmeal so you can get your pizza slip under it. Warm the goat cheese/pesto mixture for about 10 seconds in the microwave, and spread directly on the crust. Put the sun-dried tomatoes on next, and then bury them with the pieces of salame so they don’t dry out and burn. Sprinkle the olives, and then dollop the onions around.

Drizzle olive oil around the outside of the crust that doesn’t have good stuff on it.

Bake ~ 6 minutes (maybe a little more, depending how crispy you like your crust). Enjoy with a Tuscan red wine.

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