2 Responses to “fasten your seat belts”

  1. 1 Raven
    April 1, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    I’ve been asking both questions for over a decade now, and no reasonable answers have been forthcoming. Here are my ideas, but they’re incomplete:

    1. We need NUMBERS. A revolution of a few thousand people in one location or tens of thousands of people nationwide won’t draw enough attention.

    2. It needs to happen at all levels in the political hierarchy, from low-income voting families all the way to the upper echelons of our “checked” government (President, Congress, Supreme Courts), as well as within the corporate environment where many of modern day U.S. politics are shaped and guided regardless of party affiliation.

    3. It needs to be broadcast. If no one reports on it on a large scale, if it doesn’t hit MSNBC, YouTube, TV news, written news, and social networking sites, it won’t make waves.

    4. It needs to hit those hard-Right politicians and their corporate puppet masters in ways that they will actually feel. It needs to involve a boycott of x-product, a refusal to participate in y-event, or a complete walk out of those people most necessary to the basic functions of our society that will be noticeable within days, or even better, hours.

    I’ve said nothing here you don’t already know; the key is getting buy-in from so many people all at the same time, and that key I simply don’t have or haven’t found yet. It requires each and every one of those people to risk something–time, reputation, job, security, family, friends–and it’s hard to get so many people willing to take that risk. Even if the job they’re risking isn’t providing them with a living wage or health care or the risk is a small one–a loss of time or an overnight stay in a local jail.

    I keep seeing instances where I think, “there, that thing they just did, that’ll wake people up; the revolution can begin!” but after a few days of grumbling, I hear nothing. The nearest we’ve seen is the Wisconsin 14 and the on-going mass protest, and yet it doesn’t add up enough to shake sense into the heads of the Right or shake control out of their hands. Considering the sense of betrayal many liberals have over the Democrats not using their majority when they had it and Obama’s own choices to perpetuate Republican ideals, it surprises me how unwilling so many liberals are to “fight” (non-violently) back against this tsunami of policy madness.

  2. April 6, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    It does befuddle one’s mind. How to create a revolution. Here in the U.K. there is a great history of squatting, and current government is more concerned with changing laws about that than making it easier for tenants to stay in their rented homes.

    As for not having many readers, I don’t know what your stats are like, but mine are nothing to write home about. For a lark I wrote a post called: D is for Dull: Extra large Condoms required and my hits spiked, as they did they day before when I posted: C is for C*nt.

    Don’t know if any of those hits were readers; doubt they stayed long when they realised there were no T n A pics.

    In any case, I for one always enjoy visiting and reading your blog. It’s like having a chat with you over a cuppa.

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