Wake Up!

Republicans want to cut taxpayer funding of NPR. They argue that this is in the interests of fiscal responsibility, but the effects of this cut on the budget are negligible at best.

What they really want is to silence the voice of reason, one which presents all sides to the story, a “fair and balanced” view of the world and the events going on in it, rather than the FOX news version.

It’s so much easier to govern the ignorant.

I also worry that it’s yet another step in the efforts to privatize everything. (David Mitchell writes effectively about this in his beautifully-written book Cloud Atlas, although I wish the part about the journalist researching lax safety practices at a nuclear power plant had been “real” rather than “fiction.”) In Michigan, the governor is trying to overturn democracy, all in the name of handling our “financial emergency.” These steps include giving him the right to dis-incorporate towns and take over school districts and turn them over to “financial managers.” Of course, these would be privately-run companies, and there would be no guarantee, for example, that the person put in charge of your school actually has any experience at all in education.

THEY want to take THEIR country back? From who? And so they can give it to the corporations? Are this many of MFA really that stupid? How can these people, middle-class, hardworking people, believe that any representative of the current incarnation of the Republic party is looking out for them? Do we really need to protect the interests of the wealthiest just in case someday you win the lottery and don’t want to pay any taxes on it?

And don’t we all realize that if we prodigiously pollute our planet, and don’t educate our children, and don’t provide basic services for the ill and the poor, we all will pay? That we’re paying already?

I feel like we’re at the beginning of the fall of the Roman Empire.

Fire Rick Snyder

2 Responses to “Wake Up!”

  1. 1 Boston Margy
    March 18, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Yes, I have to agree. The empire is crumbling and we’re all going down with it.

  2. March 20, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Poor Rachel Maddow seemed almost apologetic, something I’ve not seen from her before. As if she couldn’t believe it herself, and she felt apologetic having being the bearer of bad news.

    I wish we were at the beginning of the fall, but I’ve said this for at least the past 10 years, that America is crumbling. It’s not at the apex it was when my parents were young, or even when I was growing up.

    Blech. At least I’ll be dead by the time it’s over.

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