cats like chicken, don’t they?

We have two cats, Qbert, a Russian Blue I adopted from my baby brother (and hold responsible for the ridiculous name), and Sophie, a Siamese we got for my daughter for Christmas a couple years ago.

Qbert is relatively old, although we’re never sure exactly of his age. 10? 11? He’s hyperthyroid — I know right? I’ve wished my whole life to be hyperthyroid, and instead it’s my cat — and therefore quite skinny, despite the medication we give him every day. Sophie is a healthy 2-year old cat, not fat, but she definitely could miss a meal or two without it doing any harm. (It also would help her survival chances if she would stop attacking my knitting projects. I call her Sophie-the-evil-Cat, and claim that she is a heroin addict, except the heroin is yarn.)

Everybody knows the stories about cats and the sound of the can opener. Qbert is even more “in tune” with the goings-on in the household. If I go stand at the kitchen counter for ANY reason, he comes to my feet and squawks. Just to be sure he won’t be forgotten, he also waits outside the bathroom door in the morning and squawks, even if my daughter has already fed him. Now if you happen to be working on any kind of meat or fish for dinner, he really puts up a fuss. We made the mistake of leaving a pound of ground meat out to thaw overnight and found about a fifth of it gone; not sure how much of the plastic wrapping he also ate, but it didn’t seem to do any harm.

Anyway, we were eating chicken last night for dinner, so Qbert paced and paced and sat by our chairs, and put his paws up on the edge of the table and sniffed, and paced some more. When we were done we cut the tough leftover bits off the bones and threw them into the food dishes. Qbert ate from one bowl and then the other, and then back to the first, while Sophie sat, looking like she had seen a picture once of how a cat should look when sitting, and waited patiently. We finally decided that maybe Qbert had had enough, so my husband picked up him and moved him over so Sophie could have a turn.

Sophie sniffed this bit, and then that bit, and then this other bit, and then licked one piece like it was a lollipop, and then looked at us, and then at Qbert, and then sniffed some more. It seemed she was asking us, “Do cats like chicken? I can’t remember. Could someone look this up on Wikipedia for me?”

We finally released Qbert, who politely ate from one bowl and allowed Sophie to eat from the other. Guess cats do, in fact, like chicken.

2 Responses to “cats like chicken, don’t they?”

  1. February 20, 2011 at 8:02 pm


    My kittens were (one is missing) very attuned to every motion in the kitchen, and made it clear (along with our giant 13 year old meatloaf) that we’re not allowed to keep them out of the bathroom when are active in it. If I tapped a fork against a glass or ceramic bowl, the missing kitten who’s quite audio-attuned, would come running, convinced I was making more wet food no matter how full their bowls were.

    His sister is more attuned to smells and is quite the sniffer, and if I cook any meat, she’s right with me in the kitchen, waiting for me to giver her her tithe. She especially adores it when I cook a whole chicken, because it means sliced bits of raw heart.

  2. February 24, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    Hysterical. It sounds just like my daugthers dogs. They had to come and live with us for about three months and she did not allow them to eat table scraps. Our dog however does eat table scraps, heck we about at the point of giving her her spot at the table. At first we tried to be good grandparents and not give the dogs scraps but we couldn’t give them to our dog and not the other big round pleading eyes. Well two of them anyway. One of the dogs didn’t understand what on earth we were giving her. She would look at whatever food it was, look at us and then sniff the food suspiciously then gingerly eat it as if we might be giving her something dangerous.

    I had no idea that cats acted like that. Our cat whom I think is a Russian Blue also has never been interested in our food. We have always offered just to be polite. The only thing she is interested in is licking to lid of yogurt containers after I peel them open. But this winter I started feeding a stray cat on the front porch. I found it last summer as a baby with it’s head stuck in a clear plastic cup with the bubble end. It had been that way for an entire week in the hottest part of the summer. It’s mother and siblings abandoned it or something I don’t really know. So when I saw it back this winter I had too help it out. Anyway on to my story. I feed a lot of canned food so whenever I open any can now my cat comes flying in the kitchen and jumps on the table (which she had been broken of doing) and about has a cow until i can get a spoonful into her dish of dry food. I am absolutely intrigued by cats now that I have one indoors. She is so affectionate and interesting. I would easily become the crazy cat lady if finances and my husband didn’t discourage it.

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