thwarted expectations

Was digging around for a little something sweet last night, and found this in the freezer.

Now I’m open to the argument that Second Son has been well taught, and is being careful not to be wasteful.

Except there is literally not a single bite of ice cream in this carton.

I posted previously on my theory that his difficulty eating as an infant has triggered an aversion to any kind of effort as relates to the acquisition of food. But is it possible that it’s more work to put the empty carton into the trash bin than it is to put it into the freezer?

1 Response to “thwarted expectations”

  1. February 21, 2011 at 12:41 am

    Having a husbad who does almost the same thing, the answer is: whatever’s closest is easiest. If he ate from the freezer, digging his spoon in right there, then of course the freezer is the place to leave the empty carton! It’s a no-brainer! Except for us anal-retentive women who seem to think there is a place for empty cartons, bits of wadded up paper toweling, plastic from packages, et al., called the garbage can! Which is conveniently located in the kitchen, no more than 6′ from the aforementioned effluvia! But what the hell, that’s what women are for, to pick up after men (and boys), right?!


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