cause, or effect?

What if all the stuff we put on our faces to cover imperfections — blemishes, blotches, etc. actually CAUSE these imperfections? Eye cream, face lotion, spot corrector, toner, (youth) serum, night cream, blemish concealer, under-eye concealer, foundation, face powder. Is all this stuff really necessary?

Here’s a picture of what I use on a daily basis.

I wonder how our skin would look if we all took a holiday from it all and just washed and moisturized. Of course it would have to be a long enough holiday for our skin to recover from years of “abuse” to find it’s true nature, and maybe none of us would have the stomach for it. I have noticed that if I go out into the world without makeup people tell me I look tired, but is that really so awful? I imagine I could look worse than “tired.”

Look at it this way — if I “had” to spend less time on “routine maintenance” I could probably sleep an extra half-hour every morning AND have time for a regular yoga practice. That could potentially solve the look-tired problem as well as helping me be in better shape physically; both could feasibly improve my overall appearance.

Then there’s all the money I could save!

Something to think about.

4 Responses to “cause, or effect?”

  1. December 10, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    It can take a while for your skin to recover, but if you stick with it even for a few weeks, people will stop thinking you look tired. One thing to do to help your skin is use a toxin free (check with cosmeticsdatabase.com) moisturizer or even non-soap soap, and do what’s known as a lymph massage for your face when applying it. In this case, take your index and middle finger and make tiny circles on your skin, almost feather light. Any significant pressure, and you’re past the layer where lymph fluid flows. In a few weeks, there should be less blemishes and a healthier glow that doesn’t need make-up to cover it up.

    I have a medical condition that causes adult acne no matter what I do, but I don’t use cosmetics unless I’m getting spruced up for a sci-fi convention or an elegant event, and at the latter, I use minimal amounts of make-up for big changes.

    With the exception of some mineral cosmetics, I don’t think any of it is good to put on our faces.

  2. 2 jill
    December 10, 2010 at 1:14 pm

    I’ll second checking with cosmeticsdatabase.com. They have a lot of good (scary)information. I think there’s a movement to force cosmetic companies to list all their ingredients, just like food products.
    I’m trying to use more products with ingredients I recognize. I’ve switched to sweet almond oil for a general moisturizer. (spelling? It looks wrong no matter what I do!)
    Want to go shopping together to check out the mineral makeup?

  3. December 10, 2010 at 2:03 pm

    Oh not me, I’m not about to go without! I should have done that when I was a teenager but not now. I have dark circles and at fifty the skin is just different. I scare my ownself when I look in the mirror. I just hurried and put foundation on just now.

    I did go through a period of time where I went without make-up, sort of like fasting. What was I thinking?! People probably thought I was sick or dying.

  4. December 10, 2010 at 10:36 pm

    I know exactly how my face looks w/out make-up! When I was laid off (1-1/2 years ago) I stopped using make-up unless I’m going somewhere special. Of course I still wash with Philosophy’s “Purity Made Simple” and moisturize with “Hope in a Jar”, as well as some other products (syrum, under-eye moisturizer, Vitamin C powder, an exfoliator pad) but for me make-up is nothing most of the time (except for chapstick or something to moisturize my lips) unless there is an occasion. And I choose to wear it less and less. Right now it has to be a REAL occasion for me to slap anything on other than moisturizer.

    It’s funny, because I think my skin looks pretty good except when I see myself in pictures, then I see the imperfections. I hate that! Of course, I’m over 50 and the fine undereye lines are starting to show, but nothing can be done about that. It’s going to happen. Still, little rednesses, bumps, stuff I don’t really see in the mirror and imagine aren’t there sure show up in photos. And even though I don’t have pronounced undereye darkness, even the slight discoloration I have shows up in a picture. I really look much worse in pics than I think I look in the mirror. Who’s to say which view is accurate? I don’t know.

    My skin doesn’t look better than it did when I wore make-up. I think make-up protects your skin to a certain extent, especially if you live in a city environment (because the air is dirty). However, I always washed my skin every night, removed all make-up, and put on moisturizer religiously, so maybe that’s why.

    As to “looking tired”, I often get that when I don’t wear make-up. Oh well. As “sheriji” says, I guess there are worse comments you could get. I don’t find I save a lot of money, because when I do put on make-up I still need all the make-up I used to use — but of course I don’t have to replenish it as frequently, so I guess there is some savings. I spend plenty in maintenance products, though!

    Mineral make-up — I’ve used it and don’t like it, and I’ll tell you why. It sits in the lines and pores. I don’t have large pores and many people tell me what nice skin I have. When I wear mineral make-up my pores are magnified! NOT the effect I want. bareMinerals mineral veil (the finishing powder) is very finely ground, so it works well, but the colored mineral foundation is crap, imo. I never use it. In fact, I tried it because I’d heard so much about it and was extremely disappointed, except for the mineral veil.

    I switched to tinted moisturizer and that works wonderfully. Of course, since I’m over 50 I think the more moisturizer the better, and that seems to be true with foundation in particular. I use a creme blush, too, not powder. I only use a dusting of mineral veil along the “T” zone to keep shine down, but never near the eyes any more, as any type of power tends to emphasize lines. If you are younger perhaps mineral-based make-ups work better, although that pore enhancing thing is very unflattering. I got my bareMinerals mineral veil in a kit with the mineral foundation, so I’ll use it ’til it runs out, and maybe buy more, or maybe buy another finishing poweder. There are quite a few good ones in different cosmetic lines. But I’ll never again buy mineral make-up to use for foundation. Just doesn’t work for me.

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