the American way?

We all seem so busy finding ways to hate each other.

The “Reverend” Phelps

(This, and the following, in the name of “religion.” If your God decides to punish my son because my “country” has decided to accept homosexuality — which it hasn’t, really, although it should — then I want nothing to do with your God.  And notice the young teen making the posters; it’s important to start teaching them these things while they’re young and before they can start thinking for themselves. Wonder if the look on his face reflects distaste for what he’s doing. Or maybe it’s just the smell of the glue.)

Pamela Geller

This one makes me wonder — how does a woman who comes from one of the most vilified religions in the world decide that it’s a good idea to vilify another? You stab me in the back, I’ll stab you? (Duh? I guess this philosophy has governed a lot of political, inter-country, and sibling relationships for a long time. Silly me for hoping we could do better.) I am very reassured to find that she is able to afford maintaining her hateful blog because of her hefty divorce settlement and the sale of a nearly-two-million-dollar home.

I guess it’s not just us.

China resists the Nobel Peace Prize


Stoning and Iran

These from just one day. There are more. I’m going to stop now because it’s just too depressing.

Meanwhile, a colleague of my husband drove by this accident 5 minutes after it happened.

Those beautiful children, those poor families. They know, at least for now, what’s important. And they’ve lost it. For how many people does it take tragedy to remind them of this?

Is it really so hard for the human species to live a life of love?

Why CAN’T we all get along?

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