Louder than a bag of Tostitos!

Sunchips has decided to reissue their product in a plastic bag. Apparently the compostable bag was too loud.


Were people trying to eat them in church or something? At the New York Philharmonic? Since when does someone expect a snack bag to be quiet?

We’re living in a loud world — my coffee grinder makes enough noise to wake the dead 3 counties over. Does that mean I should stop drinking coffee? (as if!) We use hair dryers, listen to Aerosmith (well, I don’t, but apparently some people do), make smoothies in blenders with motors strong enough to run lawn mowers, and have trouble carrying on a conversation with the person 3 feet away from us in almost every coffee shop, restaurant, or bar we find ourselves in, but we can’t eat a particular kind of snack chip because the bag is too loud?

I wonder how much noise the planet will make when it collapses under the weight of all our collective trash. I guess one snack-chip-crisp bag here and there probably won’t make that much of a difference.

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