whiney whiney

What happened to the rule about if you don’t have anything nice to say try saying nothing?

Seems like all our children do is complain:

a.m., apple picking:

the ground’s too wet

this apple’s too mushy

this apple’s too hard

I don’t like the skin

the bag’s too heavy

after apple picking:

can we do something today?

she’s on the TV

he’s playing video games and I want to watch TV

they’re on the TV and I want to play Halo Reach

for dinner:

the noodles are too crunchy

there’s too much cheese on the noodles

there isn’t enough cheese on the noodles

my hamburger’s too pink

I don’t like apple crisp

after dinner/bath:

the water’s too hot

I need 7 Barbies in the tub with me, not just 3

you’re shampooing my head too hard

there’s soap in my eyes

the water’s too cold

I have a rash

it itches

I don’t like Benadryl

the toothpaste tastes yucky

my tongue’s numb from the Benadryl + toothpaste


I’m all mommy’d out. Now I want to watch a movie with my husband but my TV looks like this:

Is there anybody I can talk to about this?

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