little help?

The world thinks it’s dealing with morons.

On a can of cookies: “Enjoy as a snack with coffee, tea, ice cream, after dinner drinks, family and friends.” We’ll ignore the awkward sentence structure and absence of a hyphen between after and dinner and just say: Phew! I knew they were cookies, but I just didn’t know what to do with them! It does cause some concern though — does that mean I can’t eat them after lunch, with a glass of milk (as if!), for breakfast?

Also, I was cleaning out my little silverware tray today (kitchen remodel, I’m not some kind of freak or something) and noticed that they had little pictures on the bottom of each division so I would know which type of silverware to put into which compartment. What a relief to have such considerate help from the manufacturer! But then I laughed evilly, and put the knives where the large spoons are supposed to go. And people say I don’t live on the edge.

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