Hurricane Katrina: Postlude, Continued

Just read these two stories in the New York Times.



I’d heard some about these events, but not much in the way of specifics. I’m appalled, to the point of nausea, as we all should be.

We can try to imagine the chaos and fear these people were living under at the time, but isn’t that supposed to be part of what the police are trained to handle? And does that training not include awareness of what to expect regarding your own potential response to chaos and fear, and a strongly-ingrained reminder that you are armed, and your job is to PROTECT these people around you, not to kill them randomly and violently?

We all know that Louisiana politics and police departments have been struggling with corruption for 100 years. We all also like to believe that we now live in a more reasoned, enlightened age. This kind of thing happens still, and we should all, for the sake of all, demand that it stop.

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