The First Thing to go is the Mind. . .

I can’t tell you how many times this happens. I’m having a rant conversation about something while out in the world or busy somehow and think “I should blog about this” and by the time I get to my computer I can’t remember what it was.

Happened again today. Driving second son to his first college visit, to a school he doesn’t think he’s interested in but which has some good programs related to what he wants to do, so I insisted. It was a fun drive — he was chatty and funny, we addressed many sensitive issues that I had been wanting to broach with him when I had him trapped his undivided attention, he actually looked interested once or twice during the presentations despite his best intentions.

But I can’t remember the bloggable idea (bloggablidea?) I had in the car. I hate that.

I could write about watching all of the teenagers trying to look cool while trying not to look like they care if they look cool and checking out whether the kids around them look cool or not and whether those kids are noticing them being cool even though they clearly don’t care about being cool.

Nah, too complicated.

Watching the various teenager/parent dynamics was interesting too. What a weird world we find ourselves in. (Of course, WE don’t care if we look cool or not. Or DO we?. . .)

Have spent the past 5 days trying to save a goldfish from Ich. Did you know that you can add 1 T. of salt per gallon of water to a freshwater fish’s tank and it helps them build a healthy slime coat and repel various aquarium diseases? The things you can learn online. What did we do when we didn’t have the world of information at our fingertips? (Actually. . .sometimes too much information. Watch for an upcoming post, but I don’t have time to get “into” it right now.)

Have also been spending a fair bit of time over the past week thinking about my blog. I know I have some readers out there, because wordpress counts them for me, but very few of you comment. Please comment! I really relish the conversational aspect, and would love to hear YOUR thoughts in response to mine.

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