My Tribute to all of the “Mothers” Out There

It’s no surprise that I’ve been thinking today about the idea of “Mom” and what Mother’s Day means.

My husband claims that women/mothers everywhere are neglected and dismissed and taken for granted and that Mother’s Day is the world’s opportunity to appease their guilt through brunches and flowers and gifts.

He might be right, but that’s beside my point.

I have been thinking about all of the “Mothers” that I’ve been so lucky to have.

This starts with my husband, actually, who brings me coffee and encourages me to exercise and loves to listen to me talk, even if I’m saying practically the exact same thing I said yesterday, and is my biggest fan.

Then there’s my bff Jackie, whom I’ve known since grad school, and whom I can call after 6 months and we pick up like we just talked yesterday. And my bff Jill, who helped me through the single most difficult time in my life, which unfortunately lasted for at least a year and I’m sure tried her patience on more than one occasion. And my bff Meghan, who, despite her status as “newb” (based on the fact that she’s 15 years younger than I am), always knows what I mean and why I think it, and is off pursuing the most romantic, exciting dream with her new boyfriend in France.

There’s my teacher A, who taught me not only to listen, but to believe in myself.

And two of my sisters, M and K, who each, in wildly disparate times in my life, tried to open an honest and painful conversation with me when I really needed it.

And my friend and soprano D who reminds me every time we rehearse or perform why I love music, and truly seems to believe that I do have something unique and interesting to say to the world.

And then there’s my mom. I don’t think it is possible to have a more complicated relationship than the one a woman has with her mother. But she has cooked for me and sewn for me and worried about me and ultimately, even when I couldn’t really tell for sure, been on my side.

Happy Mother’s Day, Moms. I love you all.

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