Foul Play?

So a plane crashes in heavy fog, killing the president of Poland and dozens of political and military leaders after the crew was warned repeatedly by ground controllers that they were not in the appropriate location or position to land.

Is no one suspicious? Maybe I’m paranoid, or cynical, but this doesn’t look a little “funny” to you?

1 Response to “Foul Play?”

  1. 1 William Wallace
    April 14, 2010 at 5:22 am

    It is very sad that President of Poland, Lech Kaczynsky, and the country’s top officials died in a plane on the weekend near Smolensk.

    However it should be remembered that this is the same man who with his nasty twin brother (who used to be PM) tried to stich up Lech Wałęsa as a communist. He also instigated witchunts against many other ordinary poles. He sacked from Government service anyone he and his brother acused of having links to the old communist government inluding many Solidarity people who opposed him and his brother.

    He also leased a military base to the United States for a clandestine CIA prison during the bush years that dwarfed Guantanmo Bay. He were so right wing that even the former pope felt uneasy about him.

    Apparently the silly man had tried to force a pilot to land in bad weather before, at Tiblisi last year. The pilot got sanctioned.

    This time the pilot was not so sensible and he tried to land when told the visability was so low. Apoparently the black box shows Air Traffic Controllers pleading with the pilot not to land and go onto other airports.

    Sadly with the visibility at Sererny Airport being only 400m a 1000m the minumum needed to land and the planr clipped trees before coming in to land and crashed.

    The loss of the President whom it is prtesumed to have forced the pilot to land and his wife along with so many other senior officials and MPs (97 people in all) was a total waste.

    On the day after the tragedy :

    The Russian Interior Ministrer Sergey Ivanov reported that “The technical condition of both recorders is satisfactory” “It allows us to carry out detailed transcription and analysis of all flight data and work of the plane,” he added.

    “Further work in transcription and analysis of the received information will be undertaken in close co-ordination with the Polish authorities,” Ivanov said.

    The two conclusions can be made for today . First, that the “flight data recorders were fully operative and have registered absolutely all information until the plane crashed to Earth,” stated Russia’s deputy prime minister. Second, it has been “accurately confirmed that warnings about negative weather conditions in Severny airport and recommendations to go to an alternative airport were not only sent, but also received by the crew,” he confirmed.

    The official version is that the cause of the plane crash was human error.

    “The record of flight communications proved that there were no technical problems with the plane. The pilot was informed about the poor weather conditions. Nevertheless, he took the decision to land,” says Aleksandr Bastrykin, the head of the investigation committee.

    They left a lot unsaid.

    However there is more they were flying an old Russian plane (over 20 years old) that the Polish Transport ministry had told the President to ground years ago. Apparently Lech Kaczynsky was a real tightwad and didn’t like spending money and didn’t get a new plane from the Boeing or Airbus Industries as all other Eastern Europeans leaders got.

    Only the silly little prig in Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili has said anything conspiritorial. He said “there is something incredibly evil” in the death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski, actually what he should have said was “something incredibly stupid”

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