He likes me!

Remember, in high school (ugh! would you go back if someone paid you?), when that cute boy that you really really liked but were afraid to talk to came and sat down next to you in algebra? Asked you how you were doin’, if you had heard the new album by Styx (god I’m old), maybe even said he liked your hair that day? Remember? The thrill? How it would carry you through at least one day like you were walking on a cloud? He likes me! He likes me!

I get that feeling every great once in a while when either of my sons actually chooses to talk to me.

I have these fun, smart, quirky, clever, sons who like interesting music and love movies as much as I do and who share my sense of humor for the inappropriate or mildly perverse. But I can’t get them to talk to me.

My older son did actually call me from college a week or two ago, and we had a long, very lovely conversation. One of maybe 3 in the past 2 years. Since that conversation he’s broken up with his girlfriend of 3 years (she’s headed off to the Air Force, thousands of miles away; they’re not necessarily perfect for each other, but I’ll get into this another time) and when I email to inquire if he’s okay I get no answer. He will answer my science questions (i.e. Does coffee cool off faster in the bathroom when I’m taking a shower than it would in my kitchen?), but definitely not the personal ones.

And then there’s the 16 year old. Anything I ask is answered “I don’t know.” “I don’t know. I guess so.” “Why are you asking me this?” (Like I’m the FBI or something.)

Maybe it’s a guy thing.

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