Real Women

There’s a Victoria’s Secret Catalogue in my bathroom, with a woman in a bathing suit on the front. I won’t even address the hideousness of the bathing suit, although it may have something to do with the body inside it. As you can see, she has a pretty face, thick, lustrous honey-blond hair and wide innocent blue eyes.

In any case, we’ve all had this discussion before: models are too thin, they don’t display a healthy, realistic ideal for us as mature women or for our daughters, etc. etc. But this girl looks deformed. There is something haunting about her; she looks like an adult-sized version of a nine-year old. It’s a bit disconcerting, like the old-man baby at the beginning of Benjamin Button.

I can’t buy most of the clothes in this catalogue because I can’t tell while I’m looking at them how they will look on me. Does this help them sell clothes? (A cynic might comment that it brings them a significant income just in shipping and “handling” charges. What does “handling” mean, anyway? Sounds a little creepy. Can I just have my packages shipped, or do they have to be “handled” first. Reminds me of the stories about how hotels will provide you with a bed warmer in fleece pajamas.) Anyway, back to the topic at hand (what was that again?) . . . oh yeah, some will say that clothes look best on thin women; does that mean the rest of us should run around naked? (shudder)

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